Exploring Energy, Ecstasy and Intimacy

Freedom from Fear, Anxiety, and Emotional Trauma

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Workshop Testimonials
Thank you for leading your seminar, Energetic Boundaries, at the New England School of Acupuncture. The participants all enjoyed the workshop very much. Feedback included: "I think this was an essential course for anyone in the alternative therapies and health care fields… Exercises were great… This work is fascinating, intriguing, and very valuable for the work I do."

Chrissy Burns, Director of Continuing Education, New England School of Acupuncture

Yuliya is a grounded and articulate teacher. She is able to translate energetic concepts into practical tools using everyday language with reverence and a sense of humor.

Valery Kuban, Office Manager

I just had to write to you and tell you how much it meant to me to be a part of your class on Energy Cords at Interface.

I have been having trouble "letting go" in relationships over the years. I tend to waste a lot of time and energy thinking about these people to the point of not sleeping well and getting frequent headaches wondering what to do.

Your lectures showed me about energy fields, and how they expand around us and let others in, and that the cords that we send out could be beneficial or destructive. You helped me to understand the concept of boundaries and retrieving energy like no other person.

The different drawings that class participants made of their energy cords were amazing. Your explanations made everything fall into place and took such a weight of their shoulders, it was visible on their faces. Therapists should take advantage of your method of visualization to help patients see the power they have to set their boundaries and retrieve lost energy. I find myself literally using my hands to pull energy back when it is not being nourished. Your affirmations for reclaiming your energy were so important that I have made copies for my friends.

I am so glad that I chose to take your class. You have made such a difference in my life!

Judy Ring, Sales Associate

I attended your workshop "Beyond Conventional Sexual Response", and enjoyed it very much. It was a profound and sensible introduction to the Human Energy Field, and you handled the taboo topic with an impressive frankness and humor. My attraction to the topic had been overshadowed by fears that the field was likely to be full of quacks and fakes, so it was very comforting to see it handled in such formal and yet practical terms.

I find your story very intriguing, especially about your "binding ties" to physicists (your parents). It seems a study of energy and the laws that transform it runs in the family!

Ken Johns, Computer Programmer

Your course has enabled me to become more aware of my energetic body and how to understand its structural components in a way which allows me to interact with others from a different vantage point. The information in the course is exciting - the implications for creating change, for altering old patterns, for simplifying "mind matters", reactions to people, etc. are compelling.

Peggy Fenner, Graphic Designer

To learn, & how our energy system effects and influences us daily is important. Is it our thoughts that create our energy (emotions) or is our energy that creates our thoughts? Learning how a collapsed energy field can cause fear, depression, dis-ease in the body, etc... and what to do to quickly to bring it back is priceless. It's a way to regain control of our body-mind. I can't overemphasize how cutting edge Yuliya Cohen's work is in the energy healing field. Thanks Yuliya!

Ben Savoie

Yuliya is so positive, charismatic, and knowledgeable. Her techniques really work and are worth knowing.

Karen W.

I joined the session of Freedom from Emotional Trauma last week. I must say... it is one big discovery for me how hardness, difficulty of trauma in past can be handled and transferred into something easy and pleasant, useful for myself and for people around that can be taken even further for protection and continuation of wellbeing in my body and my soul as well. And MOREOVER, I do not have to put much of energy (thoughts) into understanding of the trauma or of a reason that is behind of it as deep as I used to do that before, because the right understanding and right meaning comes at the point when I am not in it, when I am free of it and when I am myself. This course is giving an AMAZING COOL TOOL to do that in most efficient way that it can be. As I said, IT IS REALLY ART OF BEING MYSELF. Highly Recommended!


Yuliya has developed a really interesting and useful system of techniques to practice which can help us to reintegrate our energy that is displaced through anxiety. Last night we also learned techniques to help us heal traumas and ongoing challenges that instigate anxiety. I always feel supported there. Yuliya has a good sense of humor and we had a lot of laughs as well.

Carolyn Langley

It was a lot to take in – I feel that I got so far away from myself, there has always been this pull for me to integrate all this, and then when I got into the business world I lost a connection. And reintegrate again.


Hi Yuliya, I wanted to thank you so much for the sessions I've had. I really do feel more empowered and hopeful. This work really amazes me. I've started to re-read your book. I've suffered the effects of severe emotional trauma for years. Anxiety and fear ruled my existence. EFT, HBLU, and Hypnotherapy are just a few of the techniques I've used to help cope with my issues. Although they've helped me momentarily, these issues always reappeared in my life at a later time. I've had just 3 sessions with Yuliya and left each one more connected to myself and empowered by this transformational process. It is an innate knowing that this work helped me heal some of those issues. Yuliya's gifts are amazing as she was able to focus on energy that was moving in and around my body. As I felt the energy shift, she would remark on it. I think Yuliya's understanding and techniques of this energy restructuring system is a true treasure that all could benefit from.I wish you the best of luck and I hope to see you soon again. Take care!

Lori F.

I want to share with you an outcome of a recent session, because I thought you may find illuminating the far reaching implications of displacement for a wide range of conditions. My client's father had heart surgery in Europe and was doing very badly. I was on vacation in Cape Cod. I had a session over the phone with my client, healing his father. When I intuitively scanned the father - he felt extremely scared and in the state of advanced displacement, which meant he was having a panic attack. My take - he never integrated after anesthesia, probably woke up, saw what condition he was in - tubes and everything - became terrified and energetically displaced.

My client said that his father was rather cavalier before the surgery, making believe it was not going to be a big deal. Basically, we did an integration protocol on him at a distance. We did it until we felt him integrating through the energy gates and his fear going away.

Following is his son's report of his condition. Pretty dramatic!

"I want to let you know, that the day after the treatment in the morning, my father has become stable. And then he really started improving during the course of the day. And things have been pretty much an upward line since then. There is life in his eyes; there is color on his skin, his fear was gone. He is really doing remarkably better."