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3/25/10 Boston Trauma Meetup - An Icing On the cake - Celebrate You!!

2/25/10 Boston Trauma Meetup - Your Journey Towards Wholeness. Not a Placebo and With no Side Effects!

11/5/09 Boston Meetup – Four Gates To Recovery - Wake up to Healing: Let Ancient Traditions be Your Guide.

Many of us have had days when it is simply hard to get up in the morning - our fear, anxiety and negative thoughts seem worse for some unknown reasons. It may be perplexing for some of you, as to why you get swayed by your emotions so easily upon arising. What happens to you has a deeper reason and a simple explanation!

In many traditions it is believed that some part of your soul's energy leaves your body during sleep at night. This creates energetic displacement. In the morning, the body is confused by this natural rhythm of integration and registers it as anxiety triggered energetic displacement. This simple fact is mostly unknown. The ancients knew that to reawaken the soul's ability to fully embody, your energy must come back through the top of your head all the way down to your fingertips and your toes.

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11/22/09 Energetic Boundaries Level I, part I
Brookline, MA

With all the fear that has been generated by media around the Swine Flu "epidemic," including the biggest push for immunization since Polio, not nearly enough is being suggested about how keeping your immune system healthy and strong is the first line of defense against any infectious illness. Yet fear, stress, anxiety and sleeplessness can make you system vulnerable since they create toxins that rob you of nutrients and lower your immunity. If you've been feeling stressed about swine flu, or any other aspect of you life, it's understandable.

In these turbulent times people are seeking balance and peace in their everyday lives. Our everyday lives are the classroom for our souls and the alignment of our energy can be compromised by past and present challenges. How can one come back into an alignment? Have Energy Therapies come to your rescue.

You can find that alignment by stepping back into the ownership of your energetic space. Your energy field is an energetic membrane, an unconditional gift from the universe. Taking ownership of your field is a step into your Divinity. It will strengthen your immune system. It allows the flow into our lives so we can be in the place that we truly seek.

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