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Touched by the Hand of the Master
Written by Yuliya Cohen   
Thursday, December 01, 2016

hand caresses face

A true master does not shout his greatness from the hilltops or through flashy adds nor does he demand recognition. The depth of his mastery is revealed powerfully during ordinary moments and simple gestures.

This took place last spring at ISTA 1 in Guatemala. I was seated next to the workshop facilitator Bruce Lyons during a lunchtime break when he noticed a speck of food that landed on my chin. He reached out with his hand to wipe it off my face. What happened next was one of those illuminating and transformative moments, that shift your consciousness and light up your psyche when you are least expecting it. In his simple touch there was so much reverence, kindness and tenderness- it took my breath away and melted my heart into openness. Bruce’s touch was an outpouring of universal consciousness as pure love, and that speck of food on my face became the most precious thing that existed in that moment. Add a comment

Healing Room Stories. Shaking in trauma release: The Missed Landing
Written by Yuliya Cohen   
Sunday, October 09, 2016

Trembling and shaking are considered to be a natural therapeutic form of trauma release mechanism. There are many trauma release exercises (TRE) that encourage and activated shaking and tremors.  The story teaches us the importance of approaching these mechanisms with care and awareness.

We were sitting on the couch in my healing room.  I was holding her in my arms as she was connecting to an emotional knot held tightly in her belly.  We knew it had to be some intense past trauma.  That is why I held her. Her body started shaking, and the shaking was growing more violent.  I kept holding her.  A long time ago, even before my career as a healer,  I was trained in catharsis based counseling, so I was totally ok with people shaking, and crying, or even screaming and shouting.  But here something was not right.  After a few moments of confusion, I knew what it was - she was completely gone, energetically I mean.  Her shaking body in my arms felt empty, almost like a hollow tube. It was a very strange feeling. Her body was here, without her.

- Hey, "I said softly”,  “Something must have happened. I feel as if you are not here, not in your body right now.  Where are you? Where did you go?” Add a comment

Healing the Energy Cords - The Ties that Bind
Written by Yuliya Cohen   
Saturday, December 10, 2011

As the holiday season appraoches, would you like to know how to remain energetically connected in a healthy way to your spouse, your family members, or in any other relationship?

In this one day workshop, on Saturday December 17, from 10am-5 pm.

Yuliya will teach:

· Principles of formation and healing of "energy cords".  You will learn to see, draw and analyze the energy cords to specific people in your life with whom you  have formed relationships.

· How to recognize the "need" that forms the energetic basis of any relationship and renders us vulnerable to energy loss.

· How to restructure energy cords in a way that stops energetic drain, by releasing the dysfunctional parts of the energetic connection.  For More Information and to sign for the workshop go to

A True Story of A broken Mother/Son connection

I want to share with you a true story that demonstrates how important it is to be aware of what energy cords are, how they are formed and work so that you can develop your own Energy Intelligence.

Kate is a woman who recently came to me for a treatment. Her lower chakras were shut down which blocked energy in her lower body.  Her complaint -- being chronically tired and a host of immune problems.  Add a comment

How To Work Smart All Day Long
Written by Yuliya Cohen   
Saturday, January 22, 2011

Your mental state and ability to complete tasks varies over the course of the day.

Here are some tips you can use to work smart all day long for maximum performance:


  1. Creativity and the ability to process information peaks in the morning.  It's an ideal time for writing and generating ideas. Add a comment
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