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Workshop Testimonials
Thank you for leading your seminar, Energetic Boundaries, at the New England School of Acupuncture. The participants all enjoyed the workshop very much. Feedback included: "I think this was an essential course for anyone in the alternative therapies and health care fields… Exercises were great… This work is fascinating, intriguing, and very valuable for the work I do."

Chrissy Burns, Director of Continuing Education, New England School of Acupuncture
Patient Testimonials
Dearest Yulia. I want to thank you for the healing you gave to me, and for sharing your very real discovery that energetic displacement caused by unprocessed trauma is at the root of many physical, and probably all,, mental health conditions, and, quite astonishingly, can be healed in very few sessions. When I first read your work on cord cutting (dont!) and energetic boundaries, I knew I had found a real pioneer in the field of energetic research and healing, as you can clearly See the reality of the individual system as it is, and the damage done when seemingly harmless energetic techniques such as cord cutting, are applied as a matter of course. But it was your story about the psychiatric patient who belived she was being energetically damaged by the KGB and the way you entered into her belief system and worked with her as if she was speaking the truth, which made me aware that this is not just another excellent healing system, but something very unique. For years now I have looked for a form of healing which doesnt discount either energy or pyschology, the seen or unseen, but utilzes both. Your approach does this and in such a simple and empowering way. I now feel like I have found the link I waws looking fof in my own healing work, and on a personal level, I received a powerful healing which I can tell is going to stick. And also, techniques I can practice at home. Not only is your gift for healing very powerful, but the information about trauma and energy is second to none. As a therapist working with trauma, I could feel this displacement but had no way of working with it energetically. Thank you.

I had really bad panic attacks since childhood and until I came to see Yuliya, nothing was helping me. I tried to go to regular therapy, which was helpful in other ways, but it never got to the root of problem and never stopped my panic attacks. I even tried going to a psychiatrist and it was a total disaster. I left feeling worse than when I came in.

Coming to Yuliya was a turning point in my life. She helped me see that no matter what was going on with me, or someone else, it all made sense, and the world made sense on some higher level. It is very important especially during adolescence to have this security and safety. I saw my friends who did not have this, trying to drown themselves in anything they could find - alcohol, food, drugs, anything really, just to feel whole. Through Yuliya's techniques I got important insights about myself. I learned the techniques she developed to validate my sense of things. She was the only person at that time who supported me without making me feel isolated and crazy, the way that everyone else did, including myself. When I come to the sessions, I come knowing that I can share anything, literally anything, and it will all be okay, and everything that I say will be looked at with care and comfort and dealt with in a logical way with depth and compassion, opening a new world around me, a new way of seeing and being. I feel that the system she teaches me is a solid ground beneath my feet. It is an anchor that holds me down and the wings that let me fly. I wish that everyone could have the support of her system.

Avery M., High School Student (Yelp - Energy Restructuring Institute)

I ended up at Yuliya's because I had exhausted the traditional medicine route. I had severe anxiety disorder since the age of five that went misdiagnosed into my adulthood. Traditional medicine only allowed me to be able to function daily with issues arising often, I was never really free of it, the anxiety and fear ruled my life. I even tried SSRI medication that made me about 100x worse. I think lots of people spend money on traditional medicine that either doesn't work or makes you worse. Traditional therapy/counseling never worked for me either because those therapists kept harping on this life -- and sorry for them, but I had a fantastic childhood and because of this, traditional therapists were lost as to how to treat me. I did go to specialists who gave me coping tools but that wasn't a cure and the phobias still plagued my life. I was open minded and took a chance going to Yuliya because I would have paid anything, done anything, or gone anywhere to be cured. My search ended at the Energy Restructuring Institute because going to Yuliya actually worked. Energy restructuring is a real thing and is the basis for true healing and Yuliya is a master of it. You don't have to understand it or believe in it, it will work for you anyway.

I came to Yuliya, on the recommendation of a family member, when I was at the cross-roads of an already accomplished career, as a division president of a major company. I came for advice, although initially I was quite skeptical. But what Yuliya provided and keeps providing is so much more than what I was looking for. With her guidance I have discovered a whole new world of energetic awareness. And even more so, she gave me not only a gift of profound healing, but a set of tools to gain mastery of all aspects of my life - business, family and health. In my office I expect information to be provided to me in a very structured, clear and concise manner and I was pleasantly surprised that Yuliya works in exactly the same way. I attribute it to her earlier background in engineering, computer science and systems analysis. Add to that her superb mastery of energy coupled with a deep knowledge of metaphysics - and you get a complete package no one can match.

Seeing Yuliya Cohen for the past year has been the most effective and important thing I’ve done for the personal healing of my emotional issues and for my personal growth. With the help of Yuliya’s clear insights, compassionate guidance, and her knowledge of energy fields and human development, I have been able to resolve many painful or stuck issues, and uncover my true path and my true gift in life. I trust Yuliya implicitly, with everything. All this, and a lot of laughter, too.

Evelyn Axell-Ashford
Medical Community Testimonials
Yuliya is the real deal — a powerful healer, compassionate and not afraid to help her clients work through painful traumas. Unlike many energetic healers, she has a refreshing comfort and familiarity with the "mainstream" medical community that welcomes useful collaboration with MDs, psychologists, and other health professionals, thus maximizing the benefit to the patient. Until I directly experienced her work, I must admit I was skeptical about the impact of such a subtle approach to healing. No longer! She is a powerhouse and regularly helps her patients make substantial progress on their road to wellness.

Karl Berger, ABT LMT, Harvard University Health Services

Yuliya Cohen does very skillful psychotherapeutic work which integrates several approaches in an effective and graceful manner. I am very impressed with her gifts.

Eric Lescowitz, M.D., Dept. of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School