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Medical Community Testimonials
Yuliya is the real deal — a powerful healer, compassionate and not afraid to help her clients work through painful traumas. Unlike many energetic healers, she has a refreshing comfort and familiarity with the "mainstream" medical community that welcomes useful collaboration with MDs, psychologists, and other health professionals, thus maximizing the benefit to the patient. Until I directly experienced her work, I must admit I was skeptical about the impact of such a subtle approach to healing. No longer! She is a powerhouse and regularly helps her patients make substantial progress on their road to wellness.

Karl Berger, ABT LMT, Harvard University Health Services

Yuliya Cohen does very skillful psychotherapeutic work which integrates several approaches in an effective and graceful manner. I am very impressed with her gifts.

Eric Lescowitz, M.D., Dept. of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School

I met Yuliya Cohen at the Harvard Medical School sponsored symposium on alternative medicine. From the moment we met I was impressed by both her enthusiasm and clarity of thought on a topic that most practitioners of allopathic medicine avoid. Since then I have come to appreciate her special talent and gift for teaching as I integrate much of what she has taught me into my daily practice of medicine.

Carl D. Marci, M.D.,Clinical Fellow in Medicine and Psychiatry, Massachusetts General Hospital

Being a student, I thought Yuliya's fees were too expensive, that there was no way I could spend so much per session. But after I started seeing her, in just a few visits, we eliminated the depression that had been weighing me down for years, and I realized that this type of work was really more cost-effective than my previous years of unsuccessful psychotherapy. Psychotherapy did help me understand my thoughts and behaviors, but it did not seem to help me CHANGE them. The work Yuliya does is able to change things; she actually restructures your energy. I don't pretend to understand everything about how it works yet, but I do know that after seeing her for a few weeks, my depression lifted, and has not returned. Since I started seeing Yuliya, I have been happier than ever before in my life. She has profoundly changed my life, and my ideas about healing. She is worth MORE than what she charges, and I am so grateful I made the decision to see her.

Ginevra Fay-Babb, Medical Student, Tufts University