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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to retell the details of my traumatic experience?

Often clients come after spending years in traditional therapies. Their first concern is usually: Do I need to tell the story of my trauma all over again? I don’t think I can bring myself to do it.

For traumatized people, retelling the event of the past can be very painful. They usually feel as if they are reliving the trauma and in reality this often would re-traumatize them all over again, rather then heal. This is one of the main reasons why so many people resist working through their trauma.

There are various theories in regards to what is and what is not therapeutic in relationship to healing. The prevailing philosophy in traditional psychotherapy is that the only way to really heal is for the person to go deep into their fear and discomfort and experience it completely.

“I have had a history of panic attacks and I thought about this problem continuously. This obsession was a result of years of worry that at any moment I could have an attack, and not be able to take care of my children, and have to depend so much on others, and just that feeling of no control over my life. My doctor felt most of my problems resulted from this fright. He thought it would be good for me to see a psychologist, who could help me to learn some relaxation techniques to help me cope with this condition. I found a doctor in my area who specialized in treating panic disorders and who was on my insurance plan. This ended up as a total disaster. I went to her at such a weak point in my life. Immediately, in my first 2 appointments she just wanted me to tell her about any and all abuses and disturbances from my past. I had to tell her every degrading thing that had ever happened to me. This was not a good thing. It was in no way making me better - I was still afraid of an attack coming and recollecting all this other crap from my past was simply freaking me out. I thought it would just put me over the edge.”

During energy restructuring sessions, a client usually needs to give only a brief description of the problem. Yuliya may ask some additional questions, but most of the time that is enough for her to tune intuitively into the energetic imprint of the trauma and to determine its impact on the bodily experience. In other words, she does not need to know all the details of what happened to a client because she has an ability to determine how the trauma affected the body and its energetic structures, which is ultimately what needs to be healed. Then she designs a treatment, and visibly starts the process of change through a healing session applying principles of energy restructuring methodology that very specifically and concretely address the underlying traumas.

Clients often comment at the unexpected ease, gentle humor and accuracy with which the issues are resolved.

Does a person have to be physically present for this kind of a treatment?

Yuliya has been healing people locally, as well as all over the United States and Internationally.

She offers long distance telephone consultations and treatments over the phone for people who are unable to travel to see her in person because they live too far away or have a medical condition that makes it impossible for them to travel.

The results of a distant healing can be as effective as being treated in person. The exception are the individuals who because of the nature of their condition cannot stay focused on the phone and need a personal connection in order to concentrate on the session.

At first, the whole notion of being healed by someone who is not there with you, who you have never seen and where you have no idea what they are actually doing may understandably feel rather strange. However, the people who approach me this way are usually referred from relatives, friends or medical professionals. Often, these people are desperate because have been failed by other therapies and treatments. So on some level they are willing to try anything, and that helps them through the initial couple of sessions until they start feeling the consistent changes and stop disbelieving that it is actually possible.

”I was suffering from intense back pain for the last three years. The condition became progressively more severe, so that I was aware of the pain all the time. I also developed an anxiety condition obsessively watching for the symptoms of the pain which made me only tenser and made the pain worse. It was like a vicious cycle.

In the course of three years I tried various therapies including standard medical treatment of steroid injections, as well as alternative therapies such as massage, acupuncture and chiropractic. Most of them did not have much effect and if there was any relief from the symptom, it was short lived. I was in despair.

This is when my friends from Boston told me about Yuliya. They said that she was very effective helping their child recover from lingering post operative pain. I live in New York, and even though I felt hopeless about finding help, I was ready to travel to Boston to see her.

However, when we spoke on the phone, Yuliya said that before she would ask me to make the trip, she wanted to try first several over the phone treatments on a daily basis, so that she could diagnose the state of my condition and to make sure that what she did was making a difference.

As I said I was ready to try anything, so there I was lying on the couch, holding the phone, not knowing what the other person was doing on the other side, and not feeling very much of any change at first. I could not even talk about it to my friends. It was a real stretch for me to believe that she could really do anything for me in this way after everything else that had not worked.

What impressed me from the very beginning was the accuracy with which Yuliya identified all the areas in the body where I had any recent or even old childhood injuries and all the places where I had any discomfort. As opposed to other practitioners she was not focusing just on the specific area of pain I was complaining about. She explained to me that most chronic pain conditions are the result of a cumulative trauma and in order for the change to become permanent all the injuries need to be healed, and the entire spine must be realigned. She also identified some of the significant emotional traumas that I held in my body, in particularly living through the 9/11 experience, because as she explained, those energies were contributing to my physical pain.

Within the first few sessions I started feeling a definite change. At first it was hard to accept that something was really changing. Then my anxiety started subsiding, my pain was disappearing and I realized that the discomforts that were healed were not returning. Just within the first six sessions I already experienced over 70% improvement in my physical and emotional condition. I knew there was HOPE.

I never ended up meeting Yuliya. The trip to Boston was not necessary, since everything necessary was accomplished over the phone. I am a believer now, even though I do not understand completely how it all works. My family and friends are noticing the change in me and I can tell they are becoming interested as well. I feel so much more secure now, knowing that if something should happen to me again I have someone to turn to who can really help."

Do you have any clinical documentation that distance healing is effective?

The effectiveness of distant healing has been clinically documented in cases where clients were referred by a medical doctor in emergency situations. Following is a story of an over the phone treatment of a woman going through an acute panic episode, referred to Yuliya by her medical doctor.

“My life was really controlled by my panic condition. When in early July 2000 I had two attacks within a week and a half, both lasting over 18 hours, I just couldn’t stand any more. I had a new primary care doctor that I had just recently switched to - Dr. Alexander Angelov. He knew from my history that I was constantly scared that I would have an attack, and that I thought about it continuously.

Anyway, during my second attack in July, I called my primary doctor, hysterical and crying. I had been nauseous for over 18 hours at this time. What he did next changed my life. He said “I am going to give you a pone number to call right now, and this woman is going to help you right over the phone.” He said “The only reason I didn’t mention her before, is because she is not covered by insurance”. Of course, I had total disbelief, since I did not believe in this kind of stuff, but I was willing to try anything. I proceeded to call this woman, Yuliya Cohen. She had just gotten off the phone with Dr. Angelov, who had called her to give her some background information on me. She immediately had me start doing some deep breathing. She explained in her gentle soothing voice, that I was going through a panic attack episode, and that I was sick due to the disconnection of my own energy field from my body. She then started doing what she called energy therapy on me over the phone. She also had me talk to my body asking my field to come back in, assuring me it that it was OK now, that whatever reason it left was in the past, that was then, not now. It was OK to come back and that I could be complete again. She explained that she could over the phone energetically repair the disconnection and clear the fears held in my body that were triggering the panic. We did this for maybe one hour. This was soothing. I started to settle down. I was not nauseous any more!! This was nothing short of a miracle. I had tried everything for so many years. And she just stopped my panic attack over the phone. This was really a breakthrough.”

Can you heal friends or relatives who can’t or won’t see you?

In general, it is not ethical to manipulate someone else’s life without their involvement. However, under certain circumstances, Yuliya will perform an absentee healing on a person on behalf of a concerned relative or a friend, when the goal is to harmoniously align the other person’s energies with their own innate path of development. In particular, a family member or friend can offer a personal connection to someone who needs to be treated but refuses help because they are caught up in addictive or self-destructive behavior.

How permanent are the changes that happen during the Energy Restructuring Therapy?

One of the most frequently asked questions is whether the changes that happen during the healing are permanent of or just the temporary relief of a symptom, that will simply return later on. Energy Restructuring Therapy is a pioneering methodology in the field of energy-based therapies for the diagnosis and restructuring of underlying traumas and conditions. Once the aspect of the trauma is correctly diagnosed and treated energetic change in the body become lasting.

In the treatment of mental-emotional traumas the extent of the change is largely tempered by the emotional limitation of the body to process so much change at once. Because, as much as all of us desire to be healed instantly, in reality we need time to adjust our life to actually start living differently from a new healed place. We all know the saying “Be careful of what you are praying for”. Therefore, as much as there is a potential for an instant healing, you need to respect your own body’s unique rhythm for change. Not respecting the limits may bring about a “healing crisis” when one can become overwhelmed and frightened by experience of too much energy and too sudden a change happening all at one.

In the treatment of physiological conditions the effectiveness of the treatment once again depends on the correct diagnosis of an underlying problem. A pain in the shoulder can be a complication that progressed following an ankle injury. Similarly, a back pain under a shoulder blade may be a result of cumulative injuries following a whiplash during an earlier car accident and childhood injury to the lower back.

How can I tell that something really changed?

In treatment of mental or emotional traumas a client verifies the change in his psychological state by comparing their reaction to a situation before and after the energy restructuring therapy. You know that the condition has reversed if imagining the situation does not bring about the old response.

For example, a female client came in a state of heightened emotional anguish as a result of being betrayed by her boyfriend. She was extremely distraught and could not think of anything else but him and this situation. At the end of the session, when I asked her to focus on him and tell me what kind of emotional response she would get – she replied “Who do you want me to look at?” She could not even immediately recall what it was she was so upset about earlier.

The sense of change that occurs is not limited to what you believe or perceive; it directly changes the emotional and physiological response to the actual physical interactions with the person or a situation you are conflicted about.

Another client was complaining that being in the presence of a new boss made him feel very tense, nervous and anxious, even to the point that his whole face would flush, turning bright red. After his Energy Restructuring session he called back to report that he spent a day at work oblivious to the presence of his boss and only after coming home realized that he did not experience any discomfort the entire day.

In the treatment of physiological conditions, the change in symptoms may either be immediate, or take place within 1-2 days following the session. In chronic conditions, improvement happens gradually over time. Here we watch for consistent change in the physical symptoms, during the course of each session and from session to session.

In summary, whereas the change in the energetic state can be instant, the corresponding changes at the cellular level may take time.

Why is it so important to initially schedule 3 sessions?

Experience has shown that three sessions are needed to ensure that energy restructuring changes are integrated into the body in the most effective manner. The necessity of three encounters with a particular concept or change is also grounded in, and consistent with a large body of spiritual and metaphysical practice.

For example, the metaphysical principle of Sacred Geometry describes mathematically how permanent change takes place in the body after three repetitions:
- 1 is a point in space. It is an introduction of a concept before it has unfolded.
- 2 is a line between two points and establishes a relationship, a path between what happened the first and second time.
- 3 is a triangle connecting three points and is a first geometric figure that can spatially hold a state.