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Healing from Abortions and Miscarriages

If you have reached this page, you probably are dealing with pain, grief, loss or guilt following an abortion or a miscarriage, which either took place recently or in a past, often a long time ago. You may also be feeling that you are alone in your suffering. I want to assure your that you are not! Here are some of the emails that I continually receive from women seeking my help, writing to me from all over the world.

"Hello Yuliya, I was just searching the internet for some kind of answer for the ongoing pain I have from my past and came across your blog about the "Energetic Placenta" I was reading your blog and just thinking, yes, yes, yes, finally someone who actually gets it! When I read about your mother, it just confirmed even more that I watned to write to you. I think I still usffer the shock and the greif from an abortion thirty years ago. I have really been seraching all those years for something that would help me and not really found very much. Talking helpe but the pain still returned. I see it happening ot others too. I am an art therapist in training, and I feel like the shame and the pain of this in my life really stops me from being able to connect to others - and I need to! I just watned to say thank you for your blog. It was very hope-filling to read that. Many hugs!"
Joanne S, Australia

Hi!, I found your blog as I have been desperately looking for a way out of this misery, I can’t believe it is 2016 already. I had an abortion in 2009, I am 24 now and since then, I have not been able to find peace. I already forgave myself, i feel compasión for myself and i have tried different rituals, but nothing works. I am really unable to live normally - I cant focus, visualize or plan, i have the most irrational thoughts, I feel a pressure in my head that doesnt go a way and I have no energy. I feel so depressed but for no reason! This all started after the abortion. Just wanted to ask you if it is normal to be this bad? it is taking my life! I just cant live like this anymore, I beg you to help me, please. I am from México, but I Would travel the World to feel Alive again!
Mara A., Mexico

Hi Yuliya,
I found your website. I very recently had an abortion and have a tremendous amount of regret and grief. Wondering if a session with you could help shift this energy? We already have a disabled child and a second, typically developing one, so with money really tight it was the only logical choice. Still I am really struggling, feeling I made the wrong choice.
Colleen C, England

The Energetic Placenta

You may had to go through the loss on your own
You may felt that you were alone in your anquish
but you don’t have to heal it alone.”



We all need the tools for achieving the graceful and magnificent results
We envision for living in our bodies — physically, mentally and spiritually —
Even when those results seem impossibly out of reach.
Energetic Placenta Removal is one of these fundamental tools.

Energetic Placenta Removal is a process that allows a woman to resolve pain and wounding on physical, emotional and spiritual levels that are related to her abortion or miscarriage. This process can be applied to recent experiences as well as those in the past.

The energetic equivalent of a placenta remains in the body following an abortion and/or miscarriage. This energetic structure has the feel of a physical placenta. It references all the information about a woman’s experience and holds the key to the deeper meaning for the re-framing of the spiritual experience. The process of placenta removal is very much like a gentle physical birthing. It is very tangible and real. First, energtic placenta startes moving down the abdomen. Then, for a brief moment it fees as if it is stuck at the narrow area of the coccyx, and then, almost with a slight push, it is released as it moves outside the body. Women are fully aware of the movement of the energetic placenta through the abdomen as it is being delivered. Women also fully participate in this process as it reveals the physical impact on the body and all that remains to be healed – rawness, inflammation, and muscle tension. Those places are uncovered and healed while the energetic placenta is being delivered.

Abortion Grief ChildsoulOnce it is out, it establishes a connection to the soul of the child and then gets transformed, often by being reabsorbed and reintegrated within the body in a way that resolves the emotional pain and wounding, revealing a deeper personal and universal meaning. It lifts up a woman’s spirits and dissipates depression as well as emotional and physical pain. It strengthens her and takes her to a new level of awareness.

Energetic Placenta Removal usually is done in a single session and continues to be one of the most profound experiences I witness in my practice. This is a process that can help so many women to become free from the physical and emotional suffering that is a consequence of abortions and miscarriages.

For more detail, see Yuliya's article on The Energetic Placenta: Healing from Abortion and Miscarriage published in Spirit Of Change Magazine.

An experience that cannot be put in words!

I guess this is most of my clients’ dilemma - finding it difficult to fairly put into words this amazing and life-altering experience of Energetic Placenta Healing – however some did and it is my hope you find our own inspiration to assuage your pain by gifting yourself with an Energetic Placenta Healing session.
Here are some of their healing success stories:

"I came to Yuliya without knowing what to expect. I just knew that there was something there for me but I could never imagine that I would have such an amazing experience that would touch so many levels of my being. Before the placenta healing session with Yuliya, I would never consider that I could heal the trauma completely. I just hoped for it to be bearable. That was it! That was all I hoped for! However, deep inside I knew that there was more to it and after looking her up on the internet, and reading her article and the blog on energetic placenta removal, i was inspired so much that I decided to take that step and schedule a healing session. I can´t describe this experience into words because it would not fairly describe it. She could see in me what I could not and that was magical in itself. She encouraged me and believed in the truth and validity of my feeling more than I did. She opened me to a new, higher level reality of gracious, life affirming universe. I was able to look closer to re-evaluate cultural beliefs of profound guilt and shame of having an abortion and to acknowledge the nurturing connection with the spirit of my child who came through to nourish my body and my soul. Thank you Yuliya for an amazing experience. There is only one thing that I regret. if I could go back in time, I would have done it a thousand times sooner!”
Emily F. Business Consultant

"I contacted Yuliya in desperation when I was suffering severe anxiety. These episodes had been more frequent since my miscarriage four months before. Yuliya called me back within a few hours and squeezed me into her schedule the next day. What ensued over the next two weeks, during four 2-hour phone calls, was nothing short of a complete cleaning of my energetic “house.” I can hardly articulate how amazing Yuliya’s work is. Her principles are astonishingly simple yet so profound in their effect. Issues I have suffered with my whole life, that I have never been able to understand from the energetic point of view, have been identified and “cleaned up.” Yuliya’s work is all about reclaiming our power, the power that is rightfully ours, and releasing any “pieces” of other people that we have taken into our energy field. I cannot believe, as an acupuncturist, that I never learned these simple principles for working with my own energy field.

Yuliya’s work has been especially powerful for me as a woman. Researchers have documented that many girls lose their sense of empowerment at adolescence, and that is exactly what happened to me. I could see that was happening to me even as I was going through it, but I didn’t understand how things could be different. What I would have given for a guide, a mentor, to educate me in the language of energy and power! Now, 25 years later at age 37, I have learned from Yuliya how to reclaim my rightful power from all the people and situations to which I gave it. What an immense gift.

Yuliya did important work with me based on her notion of an “energetic placenta” that can remain in the womb when a pregnancy does not continue. Even though I had done a lot of work around my miscarriage [grieving, rituals, etc], something still wasn’t “cleared.” Yuliya guided me to ask the baby spirit why she had come so briefly, and when I received the answer, I felt ready to let go of my attachment to the failed pregnancy. I could feel energy moving in my belly [which I assumed Yuliya was doing], and moments later, I felt something in that area release. It was effortless, and I felt free.

Yuliya also helped me identify and clear away issues I had had for years about physical intimacy. She aided me in healing a past life memory that I had worked with before but had not resolved and released. After explaining the energy and power aspects of sex between men and women, she helped me clear out yucky energy that had been lingering in my second chakra and “re-consecrate my temple.” Now I feel so much “cleaner” and a great deal more able to deeply connect with my husband in this way.

One of the great aspects of Yuliya’s work is that it is not about simply rehashing traumas. It is about revisiting emotionally charged situations from our lives, examining them from the perspective of energetics and thereby diffusing the emotional charge, effortlessly releasing anything that needs to go, and reclaiming any power we gave away at that time. The result, for me, has been a subtle yet complete reorientation toward my life story. I also find myself feeling and acting much more empowered in my present life. This work is amazing! Check it out!!!"
Jenny W, Acupuncturist

Thank you for the profound abortion healing last week. I am still integrating, and I feel better and better each day. It's hard for me to put into words what happened. It was and IS powerful!! Also,  my bleeding has subsided, and It just seems more than a coincidence that my symptoms have stopped. Your process is nothing short of amazing, because I am feeling so much more centered and complete. Energy is everything to wellness!! There are no words for my gratitude!    - Collen G, Motivational Speaker, Life Coach