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Freedom from Fear, Anxiety, and Emotional Trauma

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Healing Anxiety & Panic Disorders

Fear and anxiety are in the way of doing many things in our life and it isn’t a pleasant experience for anyone. Yuliya Cohen has taken a mystery out of this condition, that can be terrifying or enlightening, and humanized its complexity. Finally individuals suffering from this disorder are empowered!


Do you dream, do you hope to be free one day from the grips of fears, panic, anxiety, depression, PTSD or any other emotional trauma? You've invested so much time and energy in getting to where you are now but, so often like the end of a rainbow, it moves away from you the closer you get to it.



All that is about to change though!

If you are looking for a friend,
who is on your side,
who can meet you exactly where you are,
who can go with you to where you want to go,
who knows that your stories are not baseless,
and knows it better then you could ever imagine,
who can offer some helpful advice and explanations and most importantly lasting from the grips of your pain and suffering...

You are in the right place!

Let this be 'the light at the end of Your tunnel'! One last door to be opened before you can step into a place of wholeness and freedom from all that holds you back.

EDR – Energy Displacement Re-Entegration System

Plato and most non-western traditions viewed anxiety and trauma not merely as something being “wrong” with a person, or an illness, but as a loss of balance between the psyche and body (soma), hence the origin of the term psychosomatic symptom.

Yuliya Cohen has developed EDR, a pioneering system of energy healing and self-help tools based on Energy Psychology and Energy Medicine that have consistently led many all over the world to true recovery, from fear, anxiety and trauma, not just coping for the rest of one's life. And it happens in a way that is fast, safe and lasting, by following universal principles and understanding structures of our bodies and the fact that we live in a state of energetic displacement and misalignment.

EDR is the most comprehensive and effective self-help techniques for clearing worried mind, stopping persistent thoughts and most importantly, being comfortable in the body. It will work in cases of acute and chronic anxiety, panic and PTSD, but it is an amazing tool in everyday life. Many unexplainable symptoms and pains that we have are a result particular displacement and misalignment of your energy as a result of trauma and stress.

EDR can be an invaluable support tool for all the work that you are doing in your life or other systems and tools you are already using.

Hailed as groundbreaking at the Energy Psychology Conference, this system will allow you to heal yourselves (and help others) from a wide range of emotional trauma that may hold you back in your life – fears, anxiety, depression, panic disorders, and fears/fobias. All types of emotional trauma can benefit from this system - including childhood emotional trauma, PTSD, abuse, rape, alcoholism and drug abuse.

EDR is not about just coping with anxiety, displacement and trauma, but about reversing those conditions, even when other methods have failed.

Yuliya is dedicated to assist you on your healing journey through series of private sessions, ongoing events and workshops. One of the ways you can experience and learn about this pioneering systems and self-help tools by joining and ongoing meetup group -- http://www.meetup.com/Boston-Area-Emotional-Trauma-Healing-and-Support



"I like learning about the 4 gates, Also the experience of dropping my energy field into my first gate was incredible. Yuliya is truly a gifted healer, She is a healer's healer."
-- Geoffrey Abels


Explore the system of Energy Gates - the major energy relay stations of the body and a vehicle through which the flow of our vital energy is directed that keeps the body aligned and balanced.

Ancient medical practitioners were aware of how our bodies regulated this flow of energy. These practitioners developed detailed maps of the various energy systems and how they affect our emotional and physical health.

Learn the system of Energy Gates and powerful energy psychology techniques that will:

1. Step-by-step, safely and effortlessly decrease anxiety, eliminate persistent worries, and create states of profound healing

2. Significantly lower your stress levels and lower your levels of brain chemicals related to anxiety, and increase your production of vital (and very pleasurable) brain chemicals related to your well-being

3. Dramatically improve your ability to sleep better, focus, concentrate and think more clearly.

4. Stimulate the creation of new neural pathways between the right and left hemispheres of your brain, balancing your brain and leading you to a high-performance state, scientists call "whole brain functioning”

Unfortunately millions of people have no choice but to try to live in this debilitating state of discomfort that results from energetic misalignment. You do not want to be one of them.