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Energy Restructuring
"The more deeply we listen, the more we attune ourselves to the root of suffering and the means to help alleviate it. It is through listening that wisdom, skill and opportunity find form in an act that truly helps."
-- How Can I Help? By Ram Dass and Apaul Groman

Energy Restructuring is a pioneering methodology in the emerging field of Energy Psychology and Energy Medicine. It draws on universal laws underlying energetic, metaphysical and scientific principles to redefine, refine and stretch out the limits of what is truly possible in the existing psychological, medical and healing modalities. The system draws on and synthesizes an array of teachings from the West and the East, science and mysticism, religion and psychology. It is grounded in more than 20 years of personal and professional research into growth and transformation.

Energy Restructuring is based on the principle that traumatic stories or symptoms actually affect the body on the physical and energetic levels. It is a system that allows us to view illness and trauma in relation to a specific set of energetic structures in the body. By listening deeply within the body and with the knowledge of the laws of cause and effect that govern those structures, the presenting problem can be matched directly to structural changes and immediately corrected.

Just as there are perfect antidotes in the natural world to many of the human afflictions, this system seeks to uncover the universal laws that make the undoing of a particular condition a natural and effortless process. Once diagnosed, the energetic change in the body can be instant and permanent, tempered only by the emotional limitation of the body to process so much change at once. This work recalls the Principle of Osiris, whose severed parts were gathered to recollect the diverse aspects of himself into a unified whole.

This process offers a truly healing experience. The client does not have to work and bear all of the burden for figuring out and dealing with the entire history of their problems. Living with trauma and illness is burden enough. The true healing that emerges from the basic universal principles and laws allows for the issues to be resolved effortlessly and gracefully without incurring additional stress on the client or the body. Each treatment program is tailored to the unique and specific needs of the individual. It has been proven to be highly successful for many of those who have failed and lost hope for recovery using other modalities.