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Healing Room Stories. Shaking in trauma release: The Missed Landing
Written by Yuliya Cohen   
Sunday, October 09, 2016

Trembling and shaking are considered to be a natural therapeutic form of trauma release mechanism. There are many trauma release exercises (TRE) that encourage and activated shaking and tremors.  The story teaches us the importance of approaching these mechanisms with care and awareness.

We were sitting on the couch in my healing room.  I was holding her in my arms as she was connecting to an emotional knot held tightly in her belly.  We knew it had to be some intense past trauma.  That is why I held her. Her body started shaking, and the shaking was growing more violent.  I kept holding her.  A long time ago, even before my career as a healer,  I was trained in catharsis based counseling, so I was totally ok with people shaking, and crying, or even screaming and shouting.  But here something was not right.  After a few moments of confusion, I knew what it was - she was completely gone, energetically I mean.  Her shaking body in my arms felt empty, almost like a hollow tube. It was a very strange feeling. Her body was here, without her.

- Hey, "I said softly”,  “Something must have happened. I feel as if you are not here, not in your body right now.  Where are you? Where did you go?”


-"I don’t know, I guess somewhere very far"  she answered, with the faraway voice, still shaking.

-"Ok, How far?” I continued calmly and gently.

-“Way, way back into the past, when I was a small child.” she continued

-"What is happening there?”

- I think my mother s shaking me.  I was told I was a colicky and she never wanted to be bothered with having to take care of us, her kids, whenever we were not feeling well. I think she is shaking me because she is annoyed and frustrated."

-"Ok, lets bring you back here then", I suggested stroking her head.  And we will bring back the baby too. Neither of you need to be there any longer, with a mother who can not nurture you.  Come back and I will nurture and comfort you. Come back now. Tell mom - no more shaking.  I am out of here and taking the baby with me. "

“Ok" she nodded.

I felt a strong wave of her energy returning, landing back with what I would describe as a perceptible energetic loud thud.  It came back powerfully and instantly, just as it left.  Except for one strange fact -  her body was still empty.

"What did you feel just now?" I asked her, rather perplexed

"Oh I came back,” she confirmed, “I kind of just landed pretty hard.  It was very strong."

I was trying to make sense of what happened. And what I saw was kind of unexpected and pretty far out:  when her energy returned, it did not re-enter her body.  Instead it landed in the pocket of space between her body in my arms and the back of the couch we were sitting on.  She simply missed!!!


- “Yes, indeed, you came back, very powerfully.  But you you know what, you missed your body”, I explained to her as I cracked up laughing. "It is like with a parachute jumper: you kind of landed back in an approximate area but you missed the landing pad. Good job overall, though! You just need a slight adjustment to actually get your energy to shift back into the body."

This experience was so Twilight Zone, that I had to bring some light and humor to it.  Both for her sake as well as mine.

"Yes, you’re right", now she was laughing too, having no problem with relating to this experience - the laughter making her more present.  "I did seem to have missed.  I didn’t realize I did it until you pointed it out."

So we laughed together as her energy shifted back into the alignment.  Her body was feeling full and warm again

And I thought - other people get high to have experiences like that.  I get paid.  I am so lucky.

So for all of you out of body travelers out there - a word of advice -be mindful of your landings. There is a chance you may miss the runway back into your body.


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