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A Total Reboot Today
Written by Yuliya Cohen   
Wednesday, July 01, 2009

On July 11, the New Moon in Cancer occurs with a total eclipse of the Sun (although not visible in North America), making it a powerful indicator of New Beginnings.

Eclipses tend to bring sweeping change. Cancer energy represents the establishment of emotional bonds and connections to your family, your friends, your relationships and yourself. The planets are in this astrological equation, so that deep within ourselves, we can begin to take care of what exists and what we have decide to create.

So let us all come together on this auspicious Sunday 11th for an exciting workshop, since we’re in for a collective reboot.
For details go to http://www.meetup.com/Boston-Area-Emotional-Trauma-Healing-and-Support/calendar/14006256/

A New Beginning challenges the old and tried beliefs.

Ready? We will start with this one: Do you remember when you were told that everything that you are holding in your body is yours and it is your responsibility to deal with it? Sounded convincing?

Well, it is not really true. Most of what we are holding is actually not ours but mere relics of old trauma and old relationships. And as such, it should be relinquished without much examination. Because, according to the spiritual laws, you actually cannot address someone else’s energy while it is attached to you. Only when the the energy is relinquished and returned can your body become your true home.

Do you what to learn more? That is what we are going to do this coming Sunday 11,

So come and join us for a powerful group healing at http://www.meetup.com/Boston-Area-Emotional-Trauma-Healing-and-Support/calendar/14006256/

If you want to begin to create in your body an endlessly welcomed home,
where you can embrace your deepest longing to be understood without having to explain yourself, be unconditionally loved without having to necessarily "deserve" this,
and be provided with the support and protection you need before you even have to ask.

The planets are coming into an alignment which brings the energies of creation to full flowering, and becomes a point of arrival for your deep healing!

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