The Science and Alchemy of Release



President Obama declared October an Energy Conservation Month, a kick off for a national effort to underscore how central energy is to our national prosperity, security, and environmental well-being.  I am inviting you to commemorate this effort at the Energy Psychology Conference taking place in Toronto Canada from October 25-27. In my presentation we will explore methods for blending Science and Spirituality to integrate energy efficiency and conservation in Energy Psychology practices of releasing emotional blockages, negative patterns and trauma in a way that will empower your own energy as well as your client's.


One thing we can all agree on - we could use more energy.  As we turn to Energy Psychology for personal change and transformation, we are discovering what physicists have known for a long time - every transformational process requires energy.  We need energy to explore our full potentiality and to heal. We also need energy to be effective professional caregivers.

There is one problem, though. Did you know that according to Chinese Traditional Medicine, by the age of 40 we begin running out of the energy given to us at birth? The idea is that by that age, we are expected to learn to utilize and harness the existing energy resource systems of our bodies and our environment more efficiently.

Yet, as we explore our relationship to energy in healing, we may discover that we are, in fact, afraid of energy, unless it comes in a particular palatable form of ‘feel-good’ energy. We talk favorably about energies that have “higher frequencies”, as a way of conveying an idea that something is purer, and more in harmony with our energy systems. Anything that does not look or feel good, or is not perceived as having a sufficiently “high” energetic frequency, we instinctually try to repel, to release, or dispose of in one form or another.  As a result we are left with less energy.  Let me give you an example.

Release and chronic fatigue

This summer I was leading a workshop at an environmentally conscious gathering. The topic was Energy Recycling and Conservation in Releasing Techniques. I wanted to demonstrate how to release deeper issues, problems, and internal conflicts, in a way that conserves energy rather then depletes it. Holding on to those patterns can be self-destructive, we all know that, but so can be the release process unless done with a great deal of awareness.

I had a perfect volunteer for a demonstration - a man in his mid-thirties who was recovering from a long battle with chronic fatigue.  He shared that on many occasions he was so depleted; he could barely move.  Although feeling much better these days, he still had to watch his energy.

"Do you practice releasing in order to heal your condition?" I asked.

"Yes, I do" he nodded.

"Would you please describe exactly how you go about doing that, using a specific example."

"Whenever I feel this sensation of heavy blocked energy, often in my chest, I  just bring my hands to that area and push the energy out of my body. I get a sense of release."  He explained readily.

"Where does that energy go? If energy is a physical reality, not a mere concept, then what exactly is happening to that energy once you release it?"

"I give it to the Universe, I guess."

"So, let me recount the steps  - you had some heavy energy, and you gave it to the universe. It now has the energy you gave it.  But, what do you have? What are you left with?  In fact, would you agree that you have less energy, because you gave something away? And the Universe has more? As someone who is recovering from a chronic condition that kept you feeling depleted, you could use more, not less energy. Whereas the Universe will be just fine. "By the way, Why do you think that energy was so heavy in the first place?", I asked

He thought for a brief time.  "I would say the heaviness is the self-judgment that I am not doing enough to protect the earth.  It is being destroyed in so many ways.  It hurts me deeply to watch that.  I have been feeling powerless to protect it"

-- "Let me see if I understand this.  You have been judging yourself for the earth being harmed by others.  The judgment accumulates as heaviness in your chest. So the heaviness is in fact an accumulated energy of your own self judgment.  How much energy do you think you have been losing to the self-judgment alone?"

-- "Lots.  I am disheartened whenever I think about the earth, which I do often.  I have a deep connection to her. " "Ok, so what could I do instead?"   he asked me seemingly confused.  "that heavy blocked energy did not feel good in my body.  I felt it was obstructing my own natural flow of chi.

-- "I want to point out, that based on what you told me, you lose energy in two ways.  First by judging yourself for the misdeeds of those who abuse natural resources, and secondly by attempting to release the heaviness of the judgment.  Another important point - your sense that the heaviness of self-judgment held in your chest is disrupting the flow of your energy is accurate.  There are four energy gates regulating upward flow of energy in the body.  When a gate locks, it blocks the flow of energy. One of gates is at the solar plexus area of the chest. This particular gate gets locked by accumulated self-judgments."

His face lit up like a light bulb as the realization hit him : -  "If I look at it this way, then it is not surprising I have ended up with the  chronic fatigue", he said thoughtfully. "But what can i do differently?

"Well, here is one scenario - Instead of casting away the released heavy energy, you could transform that heavy energy into a form that would be nourishing  and beneficial for your condition, to be reabsorbed and re-integrated back into your body.  And here is the best part. You can also recover and reintegrate all the energy you have been losing to self judgment. This way you will be in a better position to be truly helpful in taking care of the earth, since you would obviously have more energy.  What do you think about that?

"I like the idea very much, I just never thought about it this way before.  I am realizing that I could be getting healed faster if I did this. So how do I do it?"

I took him through the process of energy recovery and conservation.  Within a short 15-20 min process the way he had experienced his body changed. He felt a current of retrieved energy running through him, a force, a power, a necessity, like electricity.   His body visibly straightened out, his energy field opened up, his eyes brightened. "I feel wholly myself, alive, energized, a new.  I have not felt like this for years.  It was as if someone had lifted a film from my eyes, my skin, my senses.  I just have experienced the realness and the very magic of energetic alchemy." he said excitedly.

During my presentation I will take you through the process.  We will use the Energy Restructuring system I have developed that draws on a simple and straightforward way to use the universal principles to replenish your energy and bring you back to wholeness.

The Alchemy and Science of Energy Transformation

Retaining any part of  “bad energy” may be our greatest fear. Yet we have already learned from tackling environmental waste not to be scared of how the waste looks in order to capture the energy producing potential it holds.  There are many processes in medicine and science that harness what we might think of as “bad energy” and recycle it for extraordinarily beneficial uses.

Researchers are using bacteria and algae to convert recycled plastics and other household waste into energy-rich fuels even before it reaches the landfills. In medicine, a new procedure, known as bacteriotherapy, or fecal transplants, uses bacteria in healthy poop to treat serious hospital infections and inflammatory bowel conditions.  Scientists form North Carolina, on of the the nation’s largest pig producers, developed a process, called PiGrid.  It uses distillation, heat and pressure for converting swine manure into a glue like bio-adhesive that replaces and outperforms asphalt.

There is a school of thought that the highest level of development of a shaman is to be able to utilize and draw energy from everything one comes in contact with -- even excrement.  This view changes the notion of how to deal with undesirable energy.  In the shamanic way of alchemical transformation, what seems to be harmful at first sight can be transformed to strengthen and stimulate our energetic systems rather then be destroyed or cast away. We can say that science has, in fact, progressed to embrace this school of thought.  It is time for us to catch up.

There is an old saying in Tibetan Buddhism: "knowledge must be burned, humored and beaten like pure gold.  Then one can wear it as an ornament."  The metaphor applies to energy as well. With practice you can transform any energy that you perceive as no longer serving you until it becomes your energetic "gold" to bring you health and abundance.

The Five “R”s of Letting Go

Make energy recycling and conservation a part of the overall set of techniques you use for restoring your energy.  Whenever you are compelled to release or let go of something, or if you are being told to do so, do something different. Pause and go through these “Five R” Steps. You will learn specifics these steps during my presentation, and on the pages of the healing manual – “Energetic Boundaries: The New Paradigm for Effortless healing.”

1. Realize: Treat a limiting belief or an emotional pain literally as a source of physical energy.

2. Retrieve: If a limiting belief or an emotional pain has been with you for a while, then it has been draining your energy.  It is a smart idea to always retrieve all the energy that you have already lost first.

3. Recycle: Ask if there is any part of held energy that your body can recycle for your benefit.  Attempt to view it as having some value for you. But do not worry if you can’t; it does not have to be determined through your mind. The innate intelligence of your biofield will know how to utilize it.

4. Return: Much of what you are holding is not even yours, but was given to you by someone else. If it was, but you are treating it as your own, it will remain stuck. And you will be stuck holding it for years. Always ask what is not yours to deal with to be returned to where it initially came from, to its source.  This way you are putting everything back in its place as an act of what Kabbalists call "Tikkun Olam" - putting the world back in order.

5. Release to Transform: Instead of Letting Go of remaining energy, Give It Up instead.  Offer your burden, pain or negativity to the infinite intelligence of the quantum realm to be yelded into fuel for your healing and manifestation.



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