Distant Healing for Anxiety and Panic Attack
An excerpt from the upcoming book, "The Four Gates of Recovery," which tells the story of my first distant healing for a panic attack sufferer.

One day I received an unexpected phone call from Dr. Alexander Angelov. He announced that there was something he had to discuss with me. He said “I want to warn you that what I am going to ask you to do right now may challenge you and stretch your limits. But I also want to assure you that I am completely confident in your ability to do what I am about to ask.”

That introduction made me slightly nervous, but at the same time as it aroused my curiosity. I asked him what he had in mind.

“I have this client,” Alexander continued, “and she is in the middle of a panic attack - If I can even call it “in the middle”, that is. More precisely, her panic attacks, once they start, last for up to 12 hours. The entire time she is severely nauseous. This last attack has been going on for 18 hours. She feels she is at the end of her rope. I could, of course, send her to an emergency room, but she has been there before, and we both known there is nothing they can offer her. She is a mother of two children. She needs help. I want you to help her. She is going to call you and I want you to treat her remotely, over the phone.”

His enthusiasm was contagious. Yet, I was very uncomfortable at the thought of treating someone on the phone that I’d never met before, someone with a history of chronic anxiety and who is in the midst of a very severe panic attack. “Is she familiar with energy healing? Has she done anything like this before? Does she even believe in energy medicine?” I asked hopefully. “No,” he replied, “she has not experienced anything like this and consequently does not necessarily believe that this is possible. Moreover, she is a religious person, and may be wary of how what you are doing can be reconciled with her faith.” “Why would she call me then?” I asked. “The reason is simple -- she is desperate. She is willing to try anything at this point. And I have an absolute trust that you can do this. Go for it. Help her. I have complete trust in you." He assured me.

I tuned remotely into this woman’s energy and intuitively scanned her body. Her abdominal area felt sore and inflamed and swollen. I never would have taken it upon myself to offer an anxiety diagnosis to someone in this condition. Especially remotely. It was comforting to have a doctor on board. I wanted to know if she might have had something else going on with her, other then anxiety. “There is too much inflammation, are you sure she has an anxiety attack and not some other medical condition?” I asked Dr. Angelov somewhat nervously. “I am very sure,” he replied convincingly. “I know her history. I checked her out. Everething points to an energetic displacement misalignment. The inflammation you sense is a result of her throwing up for the last 18 hours. It is a panic attack. Just treat her as you usually would for this condition.”

To be completely honest, it was with great trepidation that I agreed to tackle this challenge. Yet Alexander's request was not entirely surprising. As an alternative medical practitioner, he knew that the reality and power of distant healing has been amply documented by recent research. When one develops mastery of seeing energy one can learn to see energy at a distance and use this information to diagnose illness. Those who are healers can also project their own energy externally and change the flow of energy for a person that is not physically present. Also, as a healer I had one important advantage. Even if the rational mind comes up with the wrong reasons for the discomfort it perceives in the body, the energy treatment gives important feedback on the effect of the treatment. The change begins happening at the moment the energy is directed to the area of constriction and becomes a guide and verification tool. Lisa’s body would experience the change. Energetic displacement is a physical reality – with an incorrect diagnosis, there simply would be no change in Lisa’s symptoms.

I received the call from Lisa later that day. I created a safe space as I explained that what her body was experiencing had reason and meaning. I introduced her to the idea of energy flow and energy gates. I assured her that I had tools to help her and that from now on she would be learning to have these tools at her disposal as well. This would allow her to control the flow of her own energy in the future. Next I gently guided her through a verbal dialogue to focus her attention on specific constricted areas as I directed my energy to unblock the energy gates. It took us a little over an hour to remove the barriers to the flow of her energy and to stop the attack in its tracks. With the threat of the attack gone, Lisa could finally get much needed rest and time with her family.

This is Lisa’s compelling story in her own words:

“Hi, my name is Lisa Wilkens. I am a 38 year old, happily married mother of two. What I have been through in the last six years dealing with my health and the health care system, I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.

It all started when I became ill after the birth of my first child. I had a gallstone attack. So, three weeks after giving birth I had my gallbladder removed. Well, about 6 months after the operation, I became severely nauseous out of the blue, for no apparent reason. This first episode lasted only about six hours. I dismissed it as a stomach bug or food poisoning. Until about 5 months later it happened again. This made me think it might have been related to the “problems” the surgeon had mentioned I may have. I consulted a gastro-enterologist. He suggested I might have a stone that was making its way to my common-bile-duct. And that blocking of the pancreas was causing the sudden onset of the severe nausea. I was given the option of having a scope put down my throat, with a dye that would help determine if this scenario were true. This test was not without its drawbacks however! There was always a certain percentage of people that had a reaction to the dye. These people developed pancreatitis, and once you have pancreatitis once in your life, you are then prone to bouts of it!! I knew at this point I had a healthy pancreas. I was trying to get rid of my severe nausea problem, not possibly compound it. So, I chose to avoid this option.

Other tests were not very useful. I had an ultrasound, an upper-GI, another upper GI with a lower-bowel-follow through, a lactose intolerance test, and multiple blood tests. All results were in normal range, and my frustration grew. My attacks were now coming closer together and their duration was getting longer (12-17 hours). At one point I was getting nauseous more than once a month.

Around this time they advised me that the advances in MRI technology made it possible to get good pictures of the pancreas and duct area. So I had an MRI. But again nothing was found. I felt very discouraged and by now had a second child to care for, as my health continued to get worse. This is when I decided t o go to a nutritionist that was recommended by a friend. She put me on a STRICT diet regime. NO yeast, no dairy, no citrus, no sugar of any kind, no caffeine, as well as around 10 supplements. I followed this regime for around 2 years with some relief ( less frequent attacks ). But the fact was, thatt this was a very hard way to live. I could not go out to eat, or go on vacation, or go anywhere where I could not bring all my own food and vitamins with me. Not to mention the exorbitant cost of the nutritionist and the supplements. As a stay at home mom, we were living on one income, which was hard enough without all this added burden. Life went on this way a year or more. At this point, I felt this was as good as it was ever going to get and I just decided to set my mind on the blessings of what I did have – a loving husband and two healthy beautiful children. So I started to plan for the future. The future always included the adoption of a child from Asia. My husband had a new job that allowed for this to be possible (they would lend us the money for adoption), so we signed up. Well, the process is lengthy and complex. The resulting anxiety was not agreeing with my illness, and episodes were again becoming more and more frequent, even on this strict diet. Four months into the process we realized that I was not well enough to take on this new responsibility. So there it was!! I was not well enough to dream or plan for anything more than what I had, and that was very limited.

After canceling the adoption I was sad, mad and grieving the child who was to have been ours, and my attacks started getting worse than ever. I knew by this time that this illness was partially linked to stress, and well as (I thought) diet. I knew that when I worried about my kids when they were sick, I would get an attack. Around this time my gynecologist, if all the people, suggested I might have I.B.S. (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and that it might help me to go an a low dose of Zoloft. So I did. I didn’t feel this really helped and maybe even made my system more unstable. I stayed on it for almost one year. My life was really controlled by this sickness now and everyone was on tippy-toes, as to not set off an attack. When in early July 2000 I had two attacks within a week and a half, both lasting over 18 hours, I just couldn’t stand any more.

I had just recently switched to a new primary care doctor, Dr. Alexander Angelov. He knew from my history that I was constantly scared I’d have an attack and that I thought about it continuously. This obsession was a result of years of worry that at any moment I could have an attack, and not be able to take care of my children and have to depend so much on others, that I felt I had no control over my life. Dr. Angelov felt that most of my problem resulted from this fright and that I was causing myself to panic over it and that would set off my attack. He thought it would be good for me to see a psychologist, who could help me to learn some relaxation techniques. I found a doctor in my area who did this technique and who was on my insurance plan. This ended up to be a disaster. I went to her at such a weak point in my life. And she immediately just wanted me to tell her any and all abuses and disturbances in my past. I told her every degrading thing that had ever happened to me. This was not a good thing. I was not only still afraid of an attack coming, but I had all this other crap from my past brought out as well. This was not helpful.

Anyway, during my second attack in July, I called my primary doctor, hysterical and crying. I had been nauseous for over 18 hours at this time. What he did next changed my life. He said “I am going to give you a pone number to call right now, and this woman is going to help you right away over the phone.” He said “The only reason I didn’t mention her before, is because she is not covered by insurance”. Of course, I was in total disbelief, but I was willing to try anything. I proceeded to call this woman, Yuliya Cohen. She had just gotten off the phone with Dr. Angelov, who had called her to give her some background information on me. She immediately had me start doing some deep breathing. After about 10 minutes of that, she started having me rub my upper chest and she explained in her gentle soothing voice, that I was sick due to my disconnection of my own energy field from my body. She then started having me talk to my body, asking my field to come back in, assuring it that it was OK now, that whatever reason it left was in the past. That was then, not now, and it was OK to come back in now. We did this for maybe one hour, repeating similar phrases that were reassuring my body that I could be complete again. This was soothing. I started to settle down. I was not nauseous any more!! This to me, was nothing short of a miracle. I had tried everything for so many years. This was really a breakthrough to HOPE.

Could I actually stop an oncoming attack??? Well the answer is YES! After just four sessions working with Yuliya on strengthening my energy field and my nervous system, I feel confident that I CAN. I tested this theory and Yuliya’s method three time in the days following that first phone call. The very next day I had the beginnings of 2 attacks. Wow! Both of them subsided after about one and a half hours each of doing my breathing and energy work. Then two days later I again felt the familiar signs of an attack coming on. I immediately started the breathing exercise to adjust my energy. And to my amazement, this episode too subsided (after only one hour this time). This energy work does takes some time away from my family as I need the time and space to concentrate and relax. But this is a small price to pay for this Gift of Life.”

I continued treating Lisa over the course of the following year. We started treatments several times a week until the panic attacks subsided, then much less frequently. At the end of the year her attacks disappeared completely. She never adopted that Asian baby she dreamt of. Instead she got pregnant and gave birth to a wonderful baby boy of her own. I was concerned that the natural spells of nausea, the stress of anticipating and going through labor, the challenges of being a new mother of a third child could re-trigger her anxiety attacks. It did not happen. Her attacks haven't come back.

This is an incredibly optimistic story—and it's not just coming from the pages of a tabloid, but from a clinically documented case history. And in nearly all such cases, these are people who have had the condition for most of their life. This means, that despite the severity of all the trauma and displacement they’ve accumulated over ten, fifteen, twenty or more years, their attacks could be stopped. And it can be accomplished in the course of just over an hour using energy healing techniques and a guided breathing exercise in person or even at a distance. This also means, that those who have had the anxiety condition for fewer years, could get relief in even less time.